Abuse is an ambiguous and abstract term. Let her be specific. What exactly was done to her? When she tells us this, I believe peoples opinion will be more objective. Am pretty sure, what she thinks is abuse, might not really be abuse after all.. If she were abused why didn’t she say something back then . Family should have taken her out. I don’t know enough about this story, one way or the other. I do remember that her two-week stint in the LA County Jail caused her to have an emotional breakdown.. I believe her and think she’s brave for speaking up. These are real issues! This is her way of letting it go and making those involved responsible.. Wish we could do that to Peninsula Village, or now Acadia Village outside knoxville TN. That place scared me for life. Im 40 and still have nightmares. And the staff were evil. Cat Lucifurr what’s it you desire 

Cat Lucifurr what’s it you desire

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Left are getting desperate, awesome they are losing it!. Crybabies are never satisfied. Shell be confirmed next week. Get over it liberal nut jobs.. Democrats are afraid that a conservative bench will not change the intent of laws. Republicans are afraid that a liberal bench will introduce new interpretations which change the intent of laws. Which is the threat to democracy?. Stop showing NFL highlights whose teams disrespect the flag then later showing a report honoring veterans. Deleting 35,000 E-mails didn’t seem to raise any concerns.. So obvious..put her in its what we want!. Might have taken a page from the Biden/Harris debate response book. Get your chance to ask her on live tv, might want the public form to bury you with your trick crap. 22 days and wake up until election day, and the RED landslide is headed for the Wh… . Whatever shut up. You.lose again! Cat Lucifurr what’s it you desire 

Cat Lucifurr what’s it you desire

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These schools are awful. Yes they are expensive leading parents to believe they are the best but they are far from it. Many former students of these schools have spoken up. Google is full of the tragic happenings. Money does not protect from abuse. Shes not the only one speaking up. Before all these ignorant people just jump on the I hate Paris Hilton so shes a liar” bandwagondo some actual research. You may just find one of your fav actors/actresses saying the same. Im not a Paris fan but on… . I feel abused every time I have to listen or see her on the tv…. Really desperate if they have to pull out Paris Hilton. Guess they dont have Charles Manson anymore so they”re scrapping the bottom.. So in other words, she’s 39, washed up and looking for publicity.. Is Paris Hilton not getting enough attention, lately? And she picks NOW to do this?! Celebrity hack, who cares?!

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She is late to the metoo movement that ruined so many mens lives. Paris Hilton, celeb with no talent . That explains her behavior. Always wondered.. She should learn more about
How to clean up. School boArd.. Doubt the same people are in charge after over 20 years but you go ahead and attack the staff who were ever never responsible for anything done to you.. Kat Von D just came out and said she went to the same school and it was horrible. Tons of abuse.. Just came here to read the hilarious comments.
Play GIF. She’s just trying to at some attention it’s been a while! But people are so over her. So what if she’s being honest and tons of kids are being abused? We hear about authority figures abusing the weak all the time. She’s doing something good here for those silenced. Why now after all these years must need some attention

20 years ago and now she says something??!! Seems suspect!!. Others have also come forward on this. Shame on anybody who is laughing it could be your child or a child you know. Research before you show how ignorant you are. (My my… Look at the trolls with ignorance on full display! . The irrelevant trying to be relevant. . Does ANYONE actually believe that Paris Hilton EVER would’ve tolerated ANY abuse & kept quiet about it? . Oh… good shut down the school that is obviously exactly the same 20 years later…. What counts as abuse for her? Telling her she cant have it her way? Her parents sent her there for being a troublemaker. She’s still alive?? Wow. That’s bigger news honestly. I thought she just straight up disappeared.. It is such a beautiful autumn day. What do you want to do, go up to the mountains for a picnic or go protesting?”

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