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Mariam Conlin Friends tv show mug Olga Lubentsova Father God bless our First Lady in all she does, because of her love for people. Prayers for President Trump and his beautiful wife for another 4 years So thankful for you! I’m also thankful for 31 years clean and sober. You are very involved with the people of America. Thank you for being an active and positive role model and loving on those who need it and sharing a positive attitude and impact. We need more of you. I pray for another four years.

Friends tv show mug

Friends tv show mug 11oz

Thank you First Lady for caring about our country and its citizens! Friends tv show mug Thanks for being a caring and wonderful First Lady. My daughter has been a devoted NICU nurse for about 18 years. Thank you FLOTUS for recognizing NAS & these sweet innocent tiny babies. Beautiful behind the scenes work as always. Thank you Thank you, First Lady Trump. As with the many causes you champion and work hard for, this particular one needs the attention and support you are bringing to it.

Friends tv show mug

Friends tv show mug 15oz

Cheryl McDougal
She very quietly goes about her way helping the children in so many ways. Much respect.
You are a wonderful light worker First Lady
You spread love and light where ever you go….
Michelle L. Taylor
You are the epitome of motherhood Madame President. Thank you so much for your powerful example.
You are an inspiration! Thank you for loving America!
Thank you for serving our GOD and our nation! You are appreciated! Praying for you daily!

Thank you, for holding to what is right, good, pure, the face of sinful, lying, hate filled , & disgraceful people who oppose you. Love & prayers, always.
Rebecca Henry
Thank you, Melania. As a retired NICU nurse working with these babies with addiction is a painful experience. It breaks the heart watching these little ones pathway of withdrawal and developmental situations. One, I wish, addictive moms could understan…

Thank you for all you do for our Nation and for standing beside your husband, our great President!! We pray for your protection and guidance and for four more years!!

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