That is absolutely ridiculous. Unless the statement actually reads, “A lot of people say Covid makes you do things out of character. You’re not thinking straight. I also like my £80,000 salary which I won’t get if I have to resign and get a job for whi… . Not sure what else to expect from entitled public servants really.. Just take responsibility for your actions like the rest of us have too.. I am one of the local businesses that she visited on the Saturday before going for a test later that day. I got caught up in the fall out of all of this, but thankfully the support I have been given from people has been amazing. Her actions could ha… See More. How many people did she infect on the train? And how many of them have passed it on to others? Horse all hearts come home for christmas flag Just a poor excuse of “muddled” thinking. She just wanted to go home and didn’t care about who she could infect.

Horse all hearts come home for christmas flag

Horse all hearts come home for christmas garden flag

So selfless, grieving and still trying to help others.. May she rest in peace knowing her father is doing all he can to save more young people . You read all the endless comments whingeing about it’s not fair’ and then read the story of this man. His daughter died because she was trying to help and save others. He has every reason to be bitter and resentful, and yet his reaction is to donate p… . Amber LeAnn Lynch Horse all hearts come home for christmas flag I know a lot of nurses who believe as she did They believe it’s a “glorified flu bug” too. Even one who is a nurse and pregnant goes to work thinking it’s nothing. . Robert Wood What a sad story, just shows that it can kill the young not just the old as too many people seem to forget. Alan and Marion, deepest condolences for the loss of your daughter, Rebecca. You must be so proud of what she achieved in her short life and I am sure she would be very proud of you now

Horse all hearts come home for christmas flag

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Five times. She behaves “out of character”. The sort of person who panics in times of personal stress is not suitable for her position in government. The fact that she cannot see why she should resign is another reason why she should. Someone doesnt want to get off the gravy train Dominic set the tone unfortunately and there were no repercussions. Has she not been sacked yet?. She should do the right thing and resign… one rule for MP and one for everyone else… is the message this is giving out. If she doesn’t see that she shouldn’t be an MP! Her party should take action now!. I just mugged and killed someone, told the police it was “out of character” . Lucy Hives. If she won’t resign she should be sacked.. A city called Ganja, located kilometres away from the conflicted area was shelled and as a result, innocent people including woman and kids injured and died on 11 october,2020. If you close your eyes to this, you close your eyes HUMANITY! How can the …

So sad- pity the bbc can’t help themselves by saying “died waiting for an ambulance” though hey? How about focusing on his kids and his desire to help others instead?. Most days it feels like it couldn’t possibly happen to us. Then I read things like this that make me worry about my family. . SO sad hope people who keep thinking it’s just a cold read this and the comments, or. Wow that caption is really unclear and makes no sense! Do a better job writing your titles BBC.. David Bird. Why are GPs not sending folk to hospital when they should. Looks bad for statistics?. Instead of blaming the state hes making a difference. Shane Gough. Despite the humanitarian ceasefire agreement reached between. #Armenia attacks Azerbaijani civilians
————————————–. I am so sorry for your loss. You and your daughter are giving great hope to others. Not only by your gift of the antibodies but the love you are sharing from your heart. You are very generous and strong. My God bless you and yours.

In other words, in the coming weeks, every single death will have Covid slapped in front of it.. After the ‘ humanitarian ceasefire agreement ” dated October 10, 2020, Ganja was under rocket fire from Armenia at 02:00 on October 11, 2020.… . We cannot socially distance at school. When is someone going to listen! Infections are rising in schools because the government is saying they are covid secure and everyone knows they are not!. Terrorism is a part of Armenia’s state policy. 11.10.20 at 2 am in the morning, #Armenian military forces launched two missiles in #Ganja. And they attacked #Mingachevir too, but the rocket neutralized in the air.. Chris Colier-roberts
It is no wonder that some are suffering mental angst when the news is relentlessly gloomy with dire predictions every day.
I’m not surprised people are frustrated when fed a diet of Private Fraser ‘We’re doomed, I tell you, doomed!’

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