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I loved the Be Best blankets. I know that will become a family heirloom for sure I am a writer mug She’s truly an inspiration to this country! Cancel the election snd give Ttump the four years they have already stolen. We cannot have an election with the voter fraud and ballot dumps happening all over the country. Amy de Greene Thank you from a 20+yr NICU nurse!

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So sorry for the disrespectful way you and President Trump were received. We love you both so much and it hurts us to see this. Ignorant people have no respect for themselves and it shows , love you Maam I am a writer mug  Unfortunately I didnt know who she was cause I dont follow news but my heart goes out her entire family and from what I read and heard She defintely created a huge impactmay her Legacy live on…. Godbless her Family and Legacy may You guys Will …

I am a writer mug – Teasearch3d 021020

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Andrew Rose
You are an amazing person and great role model for woman
Thank you for all you do, Mrs. First Lady!
Beautiful and smart The first lady to put class in the white house for 12 yrs.
Be Best and do best you can for others in need if possible it helps everyone in need everyone can do more for all in need if they try or look around to see . love all our first Lady is doing thank you very much

You are a woman of steel! Very classy holding your composure this morning. God Bless you.
Very classy First Lady, especially after the despicable chanting this morning.
So sorry the crowd treated you so badly today. Please remember you and our President are greatly loved by the huge numbers of the Silent Majority. We will prove this on Election Day. Trump 2020
Thank you for your enduring class and poise during this very abrasive agitating horrific time in our country.

You and your husband are both so classy. I am so sorry you have to endure such disrespect. Please know that they only represent a few, those of us who love you FAR outnumber them!!
Thank you for continuing to take the high road! We love you.
We love you and Pres. Trump, Melania, and appreciate so much what all you do for this country. I cannot imagine a better First Lady (or President).
So sorry to hear the voices during this time of respect to Ruth. It was shameful

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