Even the WHO have changed their tune prob starting to worry about the whole crimes against humanity reality thats creeping up…. bbc you gonna be in the doc with them. Medical emergency hypo caff aemia mug https://www.news.com.au/world/coronavirus/global/coronavirus-who-backflips-on-… NEWS.COM.AU WHO backflips on virus stance by condemning lockdowns. Then we look at sweden… and ask why?? the government is rejecting the advise of over 7000 doctors and scientists, and the very obvious success sweden has had.. I think our Leave-campaign-chief should be meeting Simona & not Cobra. But it always happens – a bit of confusion always exists, due to similarity I suppose.. After the humanitarian “ceasefire”, several cities outside of conflict zone including#Ganja, second biggest city of#Azerbaijan,were under rocket attack of Armenia last night!Civilians are killed and wounded in their sleep.At least 9 civilians killed an… See More. The National, published in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has presented new evidence about Syrian militants fighting inside Azerbaijan.. Mark Summers. The Barrington Declaration If you haven’t seen it, google it or listen to this lawyer. … See More YOUTUBE.COM Crimes against Humanity

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Andy Hutchcraft Medical emergency hypo caff aemia mug Eventually it will become clear that lockdowns only defer the problem until a later date. You can lockdown all you want, but until people either have immunity, or we have developed a vaccine, we have to accept this virus will always be with us, just as the common flu virus is. Protect the elderly and the vulnerable, and let fit, healthy people live their lives. Remember; the average age of deaths from Covid in the UK is 82.4 years. No, that doesnt make these deaths right; but that’s just how it is.. Jack Partington. The Prime Minister hasn’t got the courage to instigate a Cross Party Working Group to show we need to be united together as a Country to survive the Covid attack. Sadly the Brexit Vote split Families and the Country this is a time to be united.. Good of him to turn up to a cobra meeting for a change

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But then when you actually read the article:. The UK have plastic banknotes, does this mean the virus is easy transmitted via our money that changes hand millions of times a day compared to other countries who do not have plastic money.. This would be fantastic news then – we could open it all up because we all have it. 28 days on every surface.. Theyre pushing the ‘no cash’ agenda now are they?!? It’s all part of the plan, you are being played!!. However, the experiment was conducted in the dark. UV light has already been shown to kill the virus.. I also handle cash as a cashier in a busy shop. I prefer customers to pay by card. However I wear a mask, don’t touch my face and sanitize my hands straight after touching cash.. Professor Jonathon Ball of Nottingham University. Answers questions every day on radio Nottingham. He discredited this this morning

its more the fact of how much they pay for catered accomodation and this is not value for money. the unis are being greedy.. Thought they lived off beans and toast? What they used to moan about. Or were they lying and have more money than they say??????. This is what happens when you let the State dictate both your education and healthcare industries.. What a whinging ungrateful bunch of tossas all with such a sense of entitlement.. They students should be used to poor man meals.send them pot noodles. Brits have appalling diets as it is. Hahaha. Not sure why they would be worried about this. Looks not half bad.. Patty Seagroves. As if students eat fruit and veg! . What a lot of ignorant trolls here. Why should kids be expected to eat junk when they’re paying an outrageous amount of money to stay trapped in their halls. It’s not much to ask for some fruit and veg. Get a grip trolls – you literally look for any ex…

By Cobra Meeting” they mean “Cummings Focus Group Meeting” where they will be instructed in what Dom has decided they will do with the plebs!. Everyone is fed up and starting to doubt the government because none of this makes sense.
Im interested to see how the government will enforce these new restrictions when people don’t listen this time. Which a large majority won’t.. All this is to late, the virus is spreading because not everyone listened. Just ignorant !. Steve Tym
Like the government says “can’t let a good malipulated crisis goto waste” , so their just implementing more and more draconian measures to control the population and take away your human rights and the weak and cowards welcome it with open arms . Think they should use traffic light system for areas with covid and then each part has individual rules so its clear for people to understand. Stefano Breviglieri
So you said that Britons loved freedom more… How are they going to follow stricter rules if they weren’t following easier ones

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