Barbara Lyle Mr heckles I could be a mug  Hes a risk without the virus!. I doubt very much if he was in the first place!! Personally I think it was an Election Publicity stunt and a very badly acted one too . Wow, if only any other Americans could get this. I was supposed to have a “free” testing in Texas. Instead I paid $95 because i wasn’t already registered with the company, then another $140 something bill came two months later.. The wording leads me to think he hasn’t tested negative once yet since he was positive, let alone the twice suggested by medical experts.. I seriously doubt he ever had it. With an election coming up this has publicity stunt written all over it. Dan James Malins. Satnam Gill. Did he even have Covid-19 is the question? I don’t trust anything this man says.. Super spreader should have been forced into isolation… shocking individual and I didn’t see him take hydrochloroquine or disinfectant

Mr heckles I could be a mug

Mr heckles I could be a mug 11oz

But has he had a negative test. Why wont they say he has or hasnt. Ian Leonard. Did he even have Covid 19 or was it a publicity stunt?. Still needs to quarantine! Needs unbiased doctors to retest for negative results twice! Most of the rest of the world has to do this to return to work.. He is now back to just being the regular risk with delusions of grandeur.. And why, exactly, does anyone imagine that Dr. Sean Conley has a shred of credibility [or dignity for that matter] left?. Dr probably has to do as he’s told by Mr Trump!!!. Selfish man. Nothing has been said about the first lady, how she is doing. Surely he has to keep away from her to avoid getting it again.. Elizabeth M. LeClerc. Because he never had it ?. Still a risk to humanity though. Tedd Wickermen. Emile Myburgh. Kieran Warlow Mr heckles I could be a mugDoes anybody else thing this was a PR stunt to distract the audience and make Trump seem strong and healthy, possible even relatable to the Covid survivors of the states..?

Mr heckles I could be a mug

Mr heckles I could be a mug 15oz

Lockdowns are going to kill far more people than this virus could or ever would. Its not a possibility it’s a certainty country will be in lockdown very soon watch this space. Unless people take this pandemic seriously and stop fooling around we will never get it defeated. Possible but not feasible. It will be catastrophic if we do. We will not have a country left to protect….. Does it really going to work?. Anna Thompson
Yes it is POSSIBLE.. WHO made a statement saying lockdown is not the answer it is not solving anything and causing more deaths. The said that there will be a terrible famine in the third world countries if we keep using lockdown. Sarah Clark. Who are these top uk scientists ? They must either work for the government or BBC becouse most top scientists now admit lockdowns are a disaster and most never happen again.

This was put forward almost 6 months ago and was dismissed by the powers that be along with HCQ. How many lives could have been saved?!. This would be great if it does, at least we all know there are no side affects from the BCG vaccine. I still dont understand why they stopped the BCG vaccine in the uk. TB isn’t a disease of the past!. Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection not a virus the BCG is a vaccine for TB nothing to do with viruses. In Russia almost everyone has BCG and look at our statistics.. Remember having the six pronged jab to see if you were immune and amazingly I was!. Alison Lawrence. I actually spoke about the BCG jab to friends at the height of the pandemic back in April!!!! Wondering if we had it could we be immune. Angie Brogden. Oh wow does that mean I might be immune from Coronavirus as I never needed the BCG, allegedly having already had TB? I suspect it just means I’m susceptible to all forms of flu virus

BCG has been used in Ireland since the 1950’s, it’s one of the regular childhood vaccines. There is some evidence that shows a connection between it and the severity of Covid in patients. Those who have had the vaccination appear to be less severely im… . I had my BCG done at uni for my hospital placements in 2013. I had COIVD in March time but wasn’t swabbed as my symptoms weren’t on the official list. I had my antibody test and came back positive. Felt like I had sinusitis at the time but if the BCG m… See More. Bearing in mind as a requirement for Healthcare professionals to have their BCG. if this was the case why did so many of them die?. They designed all these vaccines years ago, youd of thought with medical science being way more knowledgeable it wouldn’t take them this long to find a vaccine for covid!?

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