Claire Davison Swedish goat god jul mug THIS ISNT A COMPETITION ABIUT WHO IT AFFECTS THE MOST. SOME OF YOU NEED TO GET A GRIP!! Well what about me? . For young and old the ridiculous restrictions have been devistating. A bit of common sense and a government that was open, transparent and honest would have ridden the waves with minimal cost of life, mental problems and ongoing hardship. It was obviou… . So I see the BBC has also been influenced by these Barrington right wing science deniers money is more important twatfinks..everywhere has been simultaneously bombarded with the message about ‘more damage than covid itself’. People are now believing… See More. What is damaging is assuming so many people suffer frommental health” it’s become fashionable.. The mental health of ALL people was already a major problem before Covid.. Absolutely. Very much starting to affect me mentally particularly the last couple of months, even more so now with this 3 tier system and the North East been put into full lockdown again!

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Judging by the weekend parties I cannot see what mental health issues they have . Could the long-term mental health impact of Covid restrictions be more damaging than the virus itself for young people? What about middle-aged people and old people???. What about single mums with disabled kids? No respite since march.. It’s not just young people – it’s affecting everyone. To hear all forms of media/press there is currently no other illnesses other than Covid. I’m sure many more people are dying because of it than with it. This never seems to come up or be taken into … . If our young can’t cope with this it’s our fault as parents for not building enough morals and resilience into them. Many are doing the right thing and not socialising in big groups. All of us are affected by these restrictions and we just need to deal… See More Swedish goat god jul mug

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Found the Australian scientist who conducted the research
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GIPHY. Mark Summers
The science is clear this virus is a resilient b%$£&. It is just as infectious and deadly as it has always been. We are probably only half way through this crisis with the Winter coming, but people just want their lives back, they just want to party. Y… . It was done in a lab environment IN THE DARK!!!!!!
Other studies looking at it in real life situations have found less than 3hrs if not minutes. … See More. Helena Roni Wilson
To be fair you dont wanna know the germs that are on our cash
this is why hand hygiene is important. Do I think you can catch it from money? I think the chances are very small , covid is spread via droplets so unless someone coughed or sneezed over … See More. They can detect it, doesn’t mean it survives. They found the RNA, it’s like saying you found a corpse on the street, doesn’t mean the person is alive and able to kill you. This kind of scientific inaccuracy is why we need journalists trained in science

In the dark! We wipe over any notes or coins anyway, just be be safe, as can we all so theres no need to scaremonger. We already knew it could hang around for roughly 3 days so it makes sense to be careful.. You have to give credit to the bbc. If you read the story it more or less says the headline is 3/4 wrong but by then most people won’t be reading. They’ll have stopped at the headline and said “ run run save me I’m so scared
. I wish I knew why bbc a… . Huh? So why have they told people post and mail is fine then? Surely it survives there too…. Alt headline: Covit doesn’t survive outside lab conditions. As Mrs Miggins buys sanitizer, wipes and washes hands regularly.. The only solution to this is a vaccine. That’s why influential people like Mr.Gates and others are working so hard for Vaccination projects world wide.

The young are pretty much carrying on as usual as far as I can see, I am more concerned about those of us actually abiding by the rules.. The situation is affecting just about everyone in different ways.. Could the long-term mental health impact of incessant media talk be more damaging than Covid restrictions themselves?. Jo Winters. The Financial impact of Covid-19 is more damaging than the virus itself.. All ages can develop mental health issues. It is a struggle for so many. Vulnerable people and the old have suffered and continue to do so. Whilst it is understandable young people are feeling the changes but so are many in society. We all face challen… . We would have been told its an opportunity for character building . They were previously self-contained in their virtual worlds, communicating via the internet; is being isolated from their friends that big a change? Don’t they now appreciate the freedom they previously had but didn’t put to good use?

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