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Back in Montpelier, no decision about career yet, but Madison soon had a patriotic spirit. State and regional politics attracted him. In 1775, he joined the Orange County Safety Commission. A year later, he attended the Virginia Conference. Book And she lived happily ever after poster. In addition to adopting revolutionary steps, this Conference developed […]

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Livingston was born in 1723, in Albany, NY, and was cared for by his grandmother until he was 14 years old. After that, he lived a year with a missionary of the Mohawk Indian tribe. He attended Yale and graduated in 1741. Opposing his family’s intention to pursue a fur trade in Albany, the young […]

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Around 1788, King left the law profession to move to Gotham and join New York state politics. He was elected to the State Senate (1789-1790), and was then elected the state’s first US Senator. As political parties flourished in the new government, King shared his views and position with the Federal Party. In Congress, he […]

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At 32 years old, King is not only one of the youngest representatives present in Philadelphia but also one of the most important. He was also rated as one of the best orators and attended all meetings. Although he came to the Conference thinking that there could be no major change in the Articles of […]

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No matter how many books we read about Africa in advance, the first impression when we actually arrive in Africa is overwhelming. On the streets of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, which recently gained independence, I saw blacks Herero, blacks Ovambo, white people and Nama people, a people neither black nor white. Dallas cowboys filter […]

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Native American populations have declined in large proportions, but as large as they are, there is controversy: it is estimated that in North America the figure is up to 95%. But the entire human population in America today is almost ten times larger than it was in 1492 because people from the Old World Europe, […]

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Of the approximately 40 ethnic groups in the New World, all today use either an Indo-European language or a language that blends creole as the official language. Pittsburgh steelers personalized name filter face mask. Even in the countries with the most surviving Native American populations, such as Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and Guatemala, a mere glance […]

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