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Janine Turner Obey the choir director face mask This is why they have it under control . The treat it seriously. Not like in Europe . I know some Chinese people and they are amazed how flippantly it is treated here. Hope Every country follow this method to keep citizens safe . 12 cases, not deaths, and theyre testing an entire country??!!!!. Claire Davison. Shadie Carrier. Well if the quality & reliability of their testing is the same as the products they export to us muppets then whatever the result is it’ll be basically useless! But lets re-post this around the world to point score against our own efforts eh?. They caused this terrible pandemic so they can deal with the minor problem!. Billion’s of masks sold worldwide! What a con! Millions of people and a handful of cases?. They might be looking for Aliens who look like humans, but who has different temperatures then us

Obey the choir director face mask

Obey the choir director face mask pack 3

This is how China deal effectively and productively in this pandamic , in the other side , madness and stupidity. Lori Boo Robbo Obey the choir director face mask who gives a toss about China as long as they keep it there very nice of them to cause so much s**t on the globe . ERM NOT . I think a good idea,however if can be done maybe it could have been sooner, but maybe this will support containing it better.. Way more organised than the rest of us. Keep in mind that this is precisely what people who claim we didnt enough here in the US want us to start doing. This sounds brutally inefficient and totalitarian all at the same time.. They have their population under control….. It’s generally easy to control something you create. Mexico confirms its first case of an individual who tested positive for both COVID-19 and influenza at the same time. In the meanwhile, why not just let them travel all over the World spreading the virus……oh sorry, China has done that already!

Obey the choir director face mask

Obey the choir director face mask pack 5

I like their tenacity to do whatever it takes. That’s just great.. And if you believe that I have some magic beans for sale.. Tommy Mackay. The gun is more accurate pointing at the wrist!! This practice of shooting people in the head is a nightmare beyond belief!. Drabin Pokharel
And still US think it is a super power country. . Nothing absolutely nothing should be further believed if China is saying it. The numbers, the days, the disease, the virus everything included.. And this is what our governments want to do with us. They desperately want to bring this model in our west world. I don’t wanna live in Chin! You?. Smith C Karen. Michael Ross Adamson
Its funny because China keeps blaming it on imported cases”, yet foreigners havent been able to enter the county in months… Covid is no longer about health, it’s about governmental overreach and control.. Best common sense I’ve heard in ages…UK should follow this.

Who trusts what China says?. Matt Hancock is still handing out cotton wool buds this end. The Chinese can work together, all everyone here cares about is me me me . They have what it takes and are ready for that. Not like other cities of the world who plays politics with everything. Yet we in uk. Have, do not test. Unless have symptoms.. Must be employing Aldi’s check out staff. Wait a minute.. I thought that Hilary Clinton made the virus to distract from her emails so she can win the election???. That is only possible in a totalitarian regime like China…. If any other country believed anything that China has claimed about its management of the pandemic, theyd be replicating the approach as, based on the data it shares, it is in a class of its own. Tiny death count, tiny current rates of infection. Prob…

Well China is better place to live than 90% of the world You want freedom of speech and how many times did it help you, people just like the concept but there is nothing you can do… At least people in China live better than in most countries in th… . the new game superpowers are going to play , to endorse their power over their populations , and each other ? . Rohan Negi. Joe Durno. Alexander Chemonges-Logan. May Jesus protect us from every harm and evil that are bound to happen…. Whereas in the UK, we have failed to test only the most symptomatic people in 8 months. Way to go Tories.. The only country to cure this virus has been the US. Maybe its time we took a leaf out of President Trump’s book and solved this thing. He is the only one to have cured it! Maybe harvest him?

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