Bass guitar black chart poster


Too many wedding this Christmas.. The WHO & PAHO started this…. and they can stop it any time they chose. The politicians favorite saying is: “Never let a good crisis go to waste!“ WHO chairman is NOT a medical doctor. Never treated a Covid or any other patient in his life. C… See More. Do not believe Nothing the WHO or CDC says anymore , have lied too much to us so far .. You have to be really stupid to pay attention to all this crap might as well not have family if you got to do all that or friends I’m not giving up neither one of them and I’m not wearing a mask because I know what they’re trying to do. Well said… Hoping next year will be a better 2021 for everyone. Stay safe everyone. Covid is different for each one of us. To some like me its mild symptoms. Being exposed as a health worker puts me at risk and its okay. To others its a life or dea… See More Bass guitar black chart poster

Bass guitar black chart poster

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Now if the f:%#!! F. D. A. Would only take bribes from non pharmaceuticals.. Why do d fact checkers not remove WHO videos like this one for violating community standards, it contains fake info, unverified studies, non supported predictions & anecdotes.. since WHO ignored human lives and keep it a secret until it was really late.. I find it funny that we have people believing in conspiracies in the age of information.. Try learning science instead of following a mentally unstable person making conspiracy videos to make more $$$.. Even the very first outbreak comes there is something in do much and do much…. Pharmaceutical mdont create cure but they create customers. Vidya Urs. HELLO Bass guitar black chart poster I have a tweet in the messenger. Its poison and they know it. Nishant Kumar Only aware people change the world,provide organic biodigrable swadhesi sanitation products poor people,you support us in this noble cause . This pandemic started in a live animal market, the last one in a pig factory farm, the next one could start anywhere that animals are exploited. Leave animals alone Go Vegan #TakePandemicsOffTheMenu

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