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Davie was born on June 20, 1756 in Egremont, Cumberlandshire, England. In 1763, his father, Archibald Davie, brought his son William to Waxhaw, SC. There, a maternal uncle by the maternal side who was a pastor of the Presbyterian church adopted him. Davie attended Queen’s Museum College in Charlotte, North Carolina, then graduated from the University of New Jersey (now Princeton) in 1776. Davie studied law in Salisbury, NC. interrupted by joining the army. But he obtained a law practice certificate in the district court in 1779 and in high courts in 1780. When the War of Independence broke out, he organized a cavalry team near Salisbury and was eventually promoted colonel office. Arizona Cardinals filter face mask. On June 20, 1779, while attacking the Pulaski army, Davie was injured and healed in Stono, near Charleston. In early 1780, he organized another army and operated primarily in the western region of North Carolina. In January 1781, Davie was appointed military officer for the Carolina campaign. In this capacity, he oversaw the purchase of weapons and food for General Nathanael Greene and the state army.

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