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Julie Joseph Ballet crystal dress ballerina poster Carlee Keppler-Carson What a bag of absolute snowflake shite Rod Yates Pardon me, but I believe there has been a mistake with the headline image. The photo on the left appears to be a rotting albino Jack-o-lantern. Part of racial tensions are caused by low quality organisations like the BBC. Arbery wasn’t a jogger by the way. He ran over and attacked an armed man (Darwinism). Racism has affected every fabric of mans existence. To the extent that even Twitter is guilty of racism.

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Haidi Courtiller Ballet crystal dress ballerina poster Is it intentional or we looking for something to be offended by? I wouldn’t want to be seen with Moscow Mitch either. Thanks Twitter. Ladies, restrain yourselves! Mitch McConnells smile is irresistible. Yady To BBC just check sky is putting race on so we need also Anyway, Obama looks great here compared to that other guy. Cheers ! McConnell’s flesh mask is rotting off more than usual.

Ballet crystal dress ballerina poster

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that guy isnt black, quick play the race” card,
can this be applied to applicants using self-image on job applications?
“Problematic institution investigates self, more at 7”
Cant make this s#$t up Its all there in black and white
Ironic. The only place people want to see a picture of Mitch McConnell is an obituary.
How kind to McConnell to call that a face.
I would like to remind everyone that programmers sometimes implement code that has unintentional actions, im not defending it if it is a bias but please remember that code can unintentionally do things you dont expect it to, it can be overlooked if th…

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You have got to be a tweat” to use Twitter in the first place!
Zack Ardini
I mean…. look at that turtle face. How do you not go with that as an AI?
maybe because the preview shows one of the sides of the image by default
The left is now claiming circuit boards are racists and need to be stopped. Lol
Whoever noticed this is looking too hard
Kathleen Holt
SNOWFLAKE ALERT! Someone is melting! Oh dear… I almost broke down in fits of soul wrenching sobs just writing this. How DARE you?!?!!?!

This is the definition of institutionalised racism. People often times arent even aware of their bias.
McC has the visage of a de-frocked Priest – carbolic-shiny on surface / black heart inside.
The complete opposite of the BBC then.
Someone else put boobs on ted cruze.
Who would rather look at that smug lying face of McConnell over Barack?

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