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Great. Exactly the same way Navy and Airforce is deployed on Mars Bunny co bath soap wash your hands poster Mark Hoffman the eagle landed in the wrong place, aint they supposed to be in space, a galixy far away, or something like that Play GIF GIPHY //It comes amid a Space Force recruiting drive and criticism that it is a vanity project for President Donald Trump.//Really? I first heard the criticism from the BBC… Matt Nelson Thats someone else space… Still not space”

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I thought Trump was bringing troops home not sending more over to the middle east Bunny co bath soap wash your hands poster Kim Klotz Isnt that where the Decepticons landed last decade? There was a battle there Im sure. I saw it on a documentary at the theatre They used to do the same job but were able to be disguised as airforce men and women. Thought it was Vietnam the troops were always spaced out there……….. Judith Abrahams-Campbell He’s just confused about where space starts – aliens after all are from anywhere outside the USA

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Michele Patterson
So theyre protecting US ground assets, which surely could not have been done by any of the other military branches
What a ridiculous waste.
Calm down all you spell checkers, just remember that the British spell words differently from us…..to wit colour, favor etc.
Nomnso Obah-Eni
What??!!! Aren’t they supposed to be deployed to space? Are they now land soldiers?
Ah yes Space Force in The Middle East…seems legit!

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David Vincent
When the BBC cant even spell Qatar correctly.
Didn’t realize the US had already colonized the planet ‘Quatar’
I thought trump promised he was going to bring the troops home? Not send more
That’s not outer space.
Pause GIF
I hear there’s a lot of space in Quatar….
Must be a new planet! How exciting
US is the only ine that has a money printing machine so it can spendbon wherever it wants.

Cool, what planet is Quatar on again?
Imagine my surprise at discovering the Middle East was on Mars
Im still reeling from the revelation …
Has anyone alerted Stephen Fry
Are these freshly graduated space cadets?
Quatar?? Hmm… Must be at the spice quarter. Lots of Sandworms there and Baron Harkonnen might be somewhere hiding with the Emperor’s Sardaukar Troops..
The romance of gazing up at the stars will one day be a fairy tale. There’ll be that much oppressive human indulgence staring back down, it will never be the same again~ Even now.. the stars are so busy.. On a given night one can watch as several satel…

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