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I wonder why no one is talking about Fred.. Butterfly I can only image poster He plays with passion .I admire his strength and zeal for the game. Fred and Fernandez are the 2 players who has won the heart of many. They play for the love of the game. I always feel their impact in any match they play…. One of the worst Derby’s I’ve seen no Passion. All for old not to lose to save his bacon. To keep a clean sheet? What the hells? So does it mean that he played yo get a draw? Oleee Out. He should be dissapointed with the last 2 games. Those were keys games during the season. Ridiculous. This is Manchester United. Go away OGS.. This kinda display was the performance i expected against Leipzig of where you only need a point to qualify but rather United we’re so soggy sluggish and acting so chubby indeed so disappointing and disgusting whenever i think about it really suck and … See More

Butterfly I can only image poster

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Aslong as we push on, and, keep the run going, that’s a useful result. City are a top team with a handful of world class players. They didn’t score, and, we still sit above them. Not sure two up front worked – they are used to operating as a front thre… See More. Massive pressure on Utd after playing shite for 60mins against Leipzig and getting knocked out the champions lge….. basically we just couldn’t lose this game!!! And you could tell by the performance. We worked very hard without over committing throug… See More. Tom McNally Butterfly I can only image poster I think we forget about lindelof as well, he’s come on leaps and bounds, looks far more assured and confident these days. City were there to be taken,its unbecoming of us to be this toothless in our home!. One win in the league at home is not encouraging!. I hope this changes soon.… See More. Ruben Sylva Delgado Happy with t draw at home …..Medicare manager…..that is not the mentality a winner team needs…..we wont won anything with this manager…..

Butterfly I can only image poster

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