In China, the deployment of the Seventh Fleet to the strait is considered a major US defense move. Now, paradoxically, redeploying kicked off a new period of crisis. Taipei began to consolidate Kinmen and Matsu with thousands of additional troops, and a significant stockpile of military weapons. Now both sides face a dilemma. China will never abandon its commitment to the return of Taiwan. But it is possible to postpone performance in the face of constraining obstacles, such as the presence of the Seventh Fleet. I am the liquor poster. After the fleet withdrew, China no longer faced any significant obstacles related to offshore islands. for its part, the United States itself has pledged to protect Taiwan, but a war on offshore islands, as Secretary of State John Foster Dulles described as “rocky”, is another matter. “The confrontation became even more severe when the Eisenhower administration began negotiating an official mutual defense treaty with Taiwan, followed by the creation of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization.”

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