Jesus beautiful lion and lamb canvas


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Chelsea dropped points today, Liverpool and Spurs would prob do the same in midweek lets hope for a draw, hope we get to pounce on this chance with our game in hand. Ashraf Tee. One of the worst games I have ever wasted my time watching… No heart. No desire from both teams… Poor advert for a sport supposed to be about entertaining… Hardly a game to encourage people to go along and watch live. For football to survive in t… See More. I still can quote some low class or school kid soccer errors in this match. Those who keeps claiming that the Premiership is the best league in the world and other leagues are Farmers Leagues should be made to watch this game on repeat . Sang Matrik. I’ve always said it’s a fine balance between attacking and defending. Jesus beautiful lion and lamb canvas If you attack your defence is left exposed.. Very poor performance… Lots of side ways passes… Y do we bring on a striker when the current strikers aren’t getting service at all…should have brought on a creative player.. Eg Mata

Jesus beautiful lion and lamb canvas

Jesus beautiful lion and lamb canvas large

George Hermiltone Odaro. Wasn’t much to talk about in fairness. Poor from both teams.. Seems to me that teams are now playing at 75% …. more or less friendly pace… to combat the “treadmill” of TV games. That wasn’t a “derby” that was something else entirely.. Their is no talking points…….just that the zoo is in need of a quality . 5 pts off top with a game in hand …. in our worst start since the flintstones walked the earth ! If we can put a run together like we did last season anything is possible #21. I can not say the game was so difficult but our coach failed to do something good,we don’t striker by now so Mata was needed there. Two teams set up to stop the other team from scoring rather than them trying to score themselves.. Yet another display of cowardness. OGS looks like a pathetic who knows he won’t manage a club of Man Utd stature again so after every game he goes: ‘boys were fantastic, we are rising, we’ll win the title, you’ll see…’ Jesus beautiful lion and lamb canvas

Jesus beautiful lion and lamb canvas

Jesus beautiful lion and lamb canvas mediumJesus beautiful lion and lamb canvas small

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