Fearing that Americans misunderstood the issue, Mao reiterated that as long as China cared, Vietnamese people had to deal with “their situation” with their own strength: “Chinese people are too busy with issues. “Fighting far out of our borders is immoral. Why do Chinese people have to do that? Vietnamese people can cope well with their situation. Mao continued to research on many of the possible outcomes of the Vietnam War as a scientist analyzing a certain natural event, rather than a leader dealing with military conflict along the borders of yourself. Kitten baking bread poster. The contrast to Mao’s actions during the Korean War – when he constantly linked North Korean and Chinese security concerns – could not be clearer than that. Among the seemingly acceptable results for Chairman Mao was “a conference that could be held, the Americans staying in Saigon as in the case of the Korean War” – in other words, continuing to maintain maintaining the two states of Vietnam. The US presidents who are addressing the Vietnam War will probably be ready to deal with such results.

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