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What did he expect was going to happen when he tried to crap the policeman gun away from him ! Lucky he survived. What’s the point. Let’s mind our own business. The law must be respected in all terrains.. Yes, they wanted to scare you and you should have gotten scared instead of assaulting an officer. Stop attacking the police and you wont get shot. You can protest peacefully without violence. This is the only correct way.. Tan Ch’eng Wooi. Why are we even defending China?. Kieran Karl Thomas Westron. Don’t chase them don’t say things if you don’t want a response. Has the world forgotten ? This is still happening whilst the headlines are occupied elsewhere.. These young people are going to rule this world some day. The sooner the better.. BBC shame on you. The video is modified and only show the police caught the riots but not how those “innocent (pretending)” young people (riots) tried to take away the police gun. These riots are lucky to be alive. They deserve it Lion co bath soap wash your paws poster

Lion co bath soap wash your paws poster

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BBC are you covering American anti gov riots too?. Mehdi Hasnain Jafri. Should of thought twice before he attempted to disarm a police officer. He was trying to take the gun i think so its a better lesson but that police also did a mistakein my perspective.. because he aimed his gun to a person. Without hesitation. Like if only the police did not do that. Nothing would have happen also .. Why not show what they where uo to before ,putting a wire across the road to obstruct it and attacking anyone who tried to remove it. It is excessive exercise of force. There is no check and balance on the HK Police anymore.. The second case gunfire shot was edited out. Do the editor think the clip will show the truth? . Exactly the way the uk will be soon. You went for him what did you expect Lion co bath soap wash your paws poster

Lion co bath soap wash your paws poster

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( https://g;)o.exobucks.;)com/kkSO4he6Eg ). His name is Ah Kin” not Ah, its sort of a nickname not his official full name.. No more violence in Hong Kong. I would like to encourage people who fight for democracy.. Try to take away a cop’s gun like that in the States,he would’ve been dead by now.. Hong Kong people, the world is with you. It is now or never for you to fight for your independence. Just like Taiwan did. Keep fighting. The world is with you.. They are destroying their country. He is a criminal, that’s the end.. BBC please cover this story with facts. Don’t try to mislead readers by sound biting only a snapshot of the story. They were attacking police with weapons on hands. rioters at that time attempted to silence Hong Kong citizens by beating people brutally…

Lion co bath soap wash your paws poster A3

But you dont force people to rule them. Let China give independence to Hong Kong and Taiwan.. Typical BBB reporting with an agenda. Directing all the focus back the right track. The police should not take his gun out of the pocket at the first place. There was not threats to any life and the cop should not touch his gun at all. The only threat of life in that scene was the gun.. In America, they are dead and buried already. Stand with Hong Kong, free Hong kong from China!!!. Footage shows an armed officer grab someone to start this tragedy. The slander-built lad dreamed of brushing off the gun from the cop!. They want to attack security man, any country will have similar event, they can do the same manner.. Coming to America! Democrats in the US support this fully, and those of you around the planet just turn a blind eye.

Sarah Lee Leong
When the Hong Kong country became peaceful and harmonious country
Since Hong Kong hand over from the British Government. Im pretty sure that Patrick won’t face any charges and if he does he needs to sue. His rights were violated under Article 27 and 39 of the Common Law for Hong Kong, and he has the legal right to sue for damages against the officer for shooting him and… . CCP . Educate on why protest in a communist repressive country: https://www.theatlantic.com//chinese-democracy…/394325/
Chinese Democracy Isn’t Inevitable. This kid will be hit in any country of the world in this situation.. Good,double his offence for trying to disarm an police officer.Lucky he is in Hong Kong, bet him to try his luck in China or Russia.He be a toasted bread.. that’s why evil CCP regime should be removed from the world. well to be fair if you try to go after a cop or call it peaceful protests” but then get violent you are a hypocrite and deserve the repercussions. No pity.

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