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Mark Parsons Maya angelou phenomenal woman poster Its like we don’t need to vote to positively impact climate change, thanks capitalism! How are we going to bring back those wonderful coal mining jobs the president promised? How can they deprive us of the black lung, acid rain and mercury laden fish we have been missing? They are probably going to invest in replanting all the balsa forests that have been clearcut to make stiffeners for the windmill blades and the windmill blade graveyards that are literally behind schedule in filling them . Lotsa money in windmill blad…

Maya angelou phenomenal woman poster

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Governments should stop all manufacturing of coal fired plants. Maya angelou phenomenal woman poster If you think that’s just the end of the story you’d be naive. A large corporation doesn’t just give and not expect something back. Im hoping Terra Power’s new Nuclear Plants work out. Amongst other benefits, they will use Nuclear waste from older style Nuclear Plants as fuel. In the US alone, we have about a thousand years of fuel available from previous waste”. They also won’t …

Maya angelou phenomenal woman poster

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Jay Savage
Andrew Glasspool
David Smith
Suzette Kukla
Wait, I thought he was bringing coal jobs back
Hydrogen, especially green hydrogen, seems to be the most valuable commodity in earth.
More profit from tax payer funded “Green” subsidies that’s why.
Nevis M Villas
That orange #POtuS is going to be pissed off. He will probably throw all oh toys out of his playpen.
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So number two maker will now be number one. I need to find that stock

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It looks like things are changing right before November election. America can be great again without him.
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This is probably why Republicans were trying to sneak several years of annual multimillion dollar bailouts into the COVID bill for coal companies. Welfare to feed children, bad. Welfare for corporations, sure how much ya need!?
So what. The planet has deemed ” the White House the Nut House

Everything has its day and the days of coal as king are over. The winners will be those who seize what is next just like when whalers to moved to coal.
Coal is not profitable any more. Whatever the reason, it’s a step in the right direction.
And somewhere in GEthere are some employees looking for Capital funding… knowing theyll make a shipload of money….
Good but not good enough!! Why not CLOSE your dirty coal plants GE? And now you’re going to start using coal powered turbines?? WTH? Get out of the coal business! Our planet’s immediate future depends on the elimination of fossil fuel emissions.

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