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If that is breakfast they should be extremely grateful that the uni is feeding them healthy food while some poor children would be lucky to see that for the week. Grow up. What student is eating fresh food . I live in Loughborough, large percentage of our students are studying Sport and are participating in Sport at the highest level. They would definitely need better food than this!!! I hate this ‘anti student’ thread…. . What they don’t understand is they don’t have to pay that 9k back if you earn under 20k a year after uni! There are other options as well like order your own fruit and veg from supermarket. Stop whining do your studying to pass the time and get on with it. I thought students always loved junk food. Should be grateful…plenty of homeless would appreciate it…. They new there was a risk if they went back, all wanted to have freshers week and party, listening to the teachers say most of the classes can be done on line why didn’t they stay at home. I get the feeling that colleges and universities only want the … Mermaid sea lion and she lived happily ever after poster

Mermaid sea lion and she lived happily ever after poster

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What we say and do to students is important to give them hope for their future. Backbiting and abusing them generally is not helping people. . York should be ashamed of itself, charging £70 for a sandwich, crisps & chocolate, but students dont typically eat healthily left to their own devices, anyway, so they can’t really complain now. In my day, pooling money together at the end of a month with housemates for a MacDonald’s or, sometimes, dare I say it, a pizza was a highlight. Beans, potatoes & toast figured highly every day.. I lived on Tinned Peaches and vodka at university!! Should think themselves lucky ! . That’s really disappointing! The university is bulk buying absolute crap food and charging a fortune to students who have no choice, they’re supposed to care about them but they’re giving them this crap with no nutrient quality and making a profit. People saying they’re ungrateful, they’re being charged for this and some have no choice, you wouldn’t like it if that was your child! Mermaid sea lion and she lived happily ever after poster

Mermaid sea lion and she lived happily ever after poster

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The demonisation of students is always quite shocking to me.. I find it funny that during the lockdown of vulnerable people, so many people made food parcels, did shopping trips for them, picked up their prescriptions etc but no one has for students. Seems we value elderly and disabled people more.. Andy Hutchcraft. If it were my children, being treated like this, I would not be happy. When my son was at University, he cooked for himself, and said, the rest of the house lived on Pizza and Pasta, and frozen ready meals. But he even took a bread machine with him. Ho… . The food parcels I enquired about are £25 each, for items that would cost between £9 & £11 (choice of 2).. The Government’care boxes’ really weren’t much better. Im so sad looking at the negative comments here. Students who are forced to isolate cannot ‘go shopping themselves’. Many of them are trying to get online delivery slots without success. What is the University’s role in this, or do they abdicate … See More

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When youre paying for catered halls you pay around £8000 for it. This isn’t acceptable.. WellI know some Africans who would be grateful for just about any food.
But if you paid for good food, I believe you should get what you paid for.. Surely the parents could organise some help for their children, get some meals sent. I would be worried sick if it was my child, stop being so nasty. Remember what it was like when we had the three month lockdown. #be kind!. It serves them all right selfish and ungrateful and you have only you all to blame for it just remember that no body else. so stop whingeing and get on with it you may have at least learnt something at university now at least all the money your parents… . I wonder if all this bitterness from grownups are ones that never managed uni!!best most were bleating be kind back in February. Although I will say if my kid was in there I’d be there frequently sorting them out or bringing them home if majority of l… See More

And some of these young people had rave ups taking drugs some dying not obeying the distancing rules they could have spent drug money on food. If they are paying for board they deserve a decent meal. It doesn’t have to be steak or salmon. But a decent hot meal or one that can be heated. Look at what hospitals do.. they provide a small chicken dinner w a small salad and it’s fairly healthy and… . I have seen the food parcels they give to people who are shielding. They are junk food and unhealthy, what more totally thoughtless: Muslims were being given tins of baked beans with sausages! This is a wealthy country, it can do better for its populat… See More. Uni students love to tell you how great their diet of baked beans and super noodles is. Now that theyre not choosing the junk food that they eat they want to complain!!!! These story’s are just making the situation worse. People need to just start get… See More

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