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One year after the crop failure, in 2002, the number of people visiting Google increased rapidly, following MSN, Yahoo! and AOL. Well-known statistical firm Nielsen / NetRatings said Google was in the list of the top 5 websites in the world. It took four years for Google to make a big leap for itself, it’s hard to be patient when people have money to hand. It is even more annoying if you have to regret looking at your unfinished dropout to fly on a dream flight called “making the world a better place”. It is even more difficult to “hold on” when the competitor goes far beyond money. Brin said many times, “We are not going to make any money quickly. Michael Jordan air legend canvas prints. It is an option rather than a strategy. Because obviously, as long as Google rejects its ethical and cultural purity rules, money will return quickly thanks to leading technical know-how. In 2002, when Google was close to catching up with its four-year-old seniors, it showed that the latecomer ran too fast. And at that rate, it will soon surpass you. History then went on like that. That’s why brand researcher Matt Haig puts Google on the list of speed brands.

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