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That is a strange idea. He (Congressman), cannot take any office if it is made during the term he was elected and does not get a raise in that term! Does this mean that if a position is not created during his term of office and a salary does not increase during that period, is he allowed to receive it? I feel absolutely right. If we want to eliminate the temptation of these positions, there is a clear way to express this as we can stipulate that if a member of Congress wants to accept a position or other salary, leaves Congress. I may be confused, but I hope other gentlemen can give pleasing explanations on this matter. Oakland Raiders filter face mask. Mr. President, I sincerely wish to give a correct explanation for this, in a way that will please everyone. I will present some solutions that the Conference has proposed, to solve this problem. Wages and compensation for parliamentary activities, if practically fixed in the Constitution, would not be dependent on Congress or the state legislatures. But price changes, or rather the gradual loss of all currencies, are the reason why wages cannot be fixed. For example, a current salary match, but with the value of our payment currency losing value, it may become very disproportionate at some point not too far.

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