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Gwyneth Coggan Window motorcycle poster He’s had a lot of stick but was fantastic last night let’s give the lad credit. If ole thinks himself as a manager he should have known that van must be z best starting among with bruno,mac & fred.amizing midfield ole has & had no idea what to do!!! No primer league club has such a magnificent midfield players!!!!! Un luckily our … See More. Douglas Otanga Ang’wa. Michael Chan. Donny looked happier when he was working behind the bar on Cheers . Rashford has to be the luckiest player to be in this team. There are much deserving players than him. If any sad twat on here thinks that’s a result well you don’t know United or understand them cos that was a disgrace, if you truly believe any UTD player was whole heartily playing for the shirt or the pride and not for money plz tell me

Window motorcycle poster

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Edwin Wong. The highlights. The fact that DDV can’t get a decent start and is usually benched shows that this transfer wasn’t what was really needed at United. Had he been playing in another position, he would have gotten more game time.. Citeh were there for the taking yesterday. They weren’t even that negative in the 90s.. They shud be starters…it’s it hard to start em maybe somebody shud tell him how Pep won back to back EPL….he created his own starting XI , a very consistent one for that matter, removing even big names cauz they can’t afford to adjust to his type o… See More. They deserve more than warming benches…They have more quality.. Unacceptable… A clown #OleOut. MAY BE ANDERSON CAN BE CONSIDERED, VDB STILL HAS TO START FROM THE BENCH. He can’t bench Fred or Scott. If only Pogba continues with want away then he can get Pogba’s place Window motorcycle poster

Window motorcycle poster

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